Cannabis Storage: The Dos & Don’ts

We’ve all been guilty of occasionally keeping our cannabis in plastic bags. But if you intend to store weed for weeks or months, it’s time to upgrade your storage containers. Otherwise, your bud will dry out in no time.

THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Over time, this cannabinoid gradually breaks down into CBN, which produces feelings of drowsiness and milder psychoactive effects. Better storage will prevent THC from breaking down, and keep your cannabis potent.

Want to keep your cannabis fresh for weeks, or even months? Here’s how:

Do: Use Childproof Containers

It happens to the best of us: after a long day or a relaxing afternoon, you forget to put your cannabis away after using it. But this simple mistake can be dangerous.

Cannabis can be harmful to young children. If it’s left out in the open, it could be consumed by a pet or child. We always recommend choosing containers with childproof lids, which will prevent your cannabis from getting into the wrong hands.

Don’t: Use Moldy Weed

Like all consumable products, cannabis is sold with an expiration date. But with these storage techniques, you can preserve your cannabis past the expiry date.

That is, unless it’s moldy. Weed that isn’t property dehydrated will get moldy over time.

As long as your weed isn’t moldy, it should be safe to use. Cannabis that’s dried out is still usable; however, it’s simply not as potent. Here’s how weed loses strength over time:

  • After 2 years, 26% of THC content is lost
  • After 3 years, 34% of total THC content is lost
  • And after 4 years, 41% of THC content is lost!

Do: Control Humidity

With cannabis storage, you need to balance the humidity levels. The owner of Green Gaia in Okanagan writes, “Too much moisture will cause the weed to grow moldy, while too little will make it dry and brittle.”

The humidity levels in a room fluctuate with each season. Our homes can be drier in the cold months and more humid during the summer. So, what can you do to keep humidity levels stable year-round? Try a humidor packet, which easily regulates moisture levels in your storage container.

When moisture levels are too high, they’re absorbed by the packet. And when levels are low, the packet releases moisture. These packets keep humidity levels within the optimal range (55-62%). You can also monitor humidity levels using a hygrometer.

You might have heard the advice of storing fruit with your weed. Don’t do it! Things like orange peels add too much moisture to your cannabis and may result in mold growth. You’re better off with a humidor packet.

Don’t: Keep it in Sunlight

If you find dried cannabis to be aesthetically pleasing, you might be tempted to store it on your windowsill. After all, the bright green color blends in well with other plants.

But we caution you against this storage spot. Leaving your weed in direct sunlight will expose it to UV rays, which can cause cannabinoid degradation. Cannabis that’s stored in sunlight will have milder effects, taste, and aroma.

Instead, keep your cannabis in a dark location—preferably in a cupboard or drawer.

Do: Use Sealed Jars

Gone are the days when most people stored their cannabis in plastic bags. These days, glass jars are all the rage—and for good reason.

An airtight container is key for storing cannabis. It controls the conditions inside the container and prevents outside variables (like humidity or temperature) from affecting your cannabis.

Try to choose a jar that’s the same size as your weed; if there’s too much air in the container, it may cause oxidation issues.

Don’t: Freeze or Refrigerate it

You can compare weed storage to a familiar fairy tale, aiming for the Goldilocks zone: Not too cold, and not too hot.

Freezing your weed will destroy the delicate trichomes; they’ll become brittle and snap off. A similar effect happens when you put it in the fridge. Room temperature is always preferable to cold storage.

On the same note, you want to protect the cannabis from high levels of heat. The owner of a Winnipeg cannabis store writes, “Heat tends to dry out the air. If you keep your cannabis in a kitchen or by a dryer, the warmer temperatures will dry out your bud. This makes the cannabis crumbly and less potent.”

It’s best to store your cannabis in a place with stable temperatures. Somewhere like a basement or a bedroom drawer are both good options.

Do: Store Strains Separately

Next, be sure to label your storage containers. If you have one strain that’s high in THC, and another that contains almost none, you want to store them separately. These two types of cannabis offer very different experiences; if you mix them up, you might be in for a surprise.

No one wants to open their cannabis container and find that their bud has turned dry or moldy. In summary, here are the main storage tips that we’ve listed:

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight
  • Use airtight containers
  • Control temperature and humidity levels

And that’s it! With these storage tips, you can keep your weed fresh for many months.

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