Brightening Up Your Summers Through Flowers

We live in a country that experiences different seasons throughout the year the climate of India is tropical India does not only has a diversity of population it has diversity in its season as well and along these different seasons come different flowers that mark the beginning of a particular season now that spring is about to end the next season that is approaching us is the hot summers wherein we will be surrounded with vibrant that look full of life if you did not meet many of your friends during the past few months owing to the pandemic and the changes in our lifestyles and daily routine due to the pandemic you must step out of your house now and start socializing.

Owing to the fact that the world is curing through the vaccine and restoring lives back to normal now is the perfect time to send flowers to Mumbai for your loved ones and brighten up their days with lovely blooms. You must go through the list given below to find out what are some of the lovely flowers that bloom in summer and can be given to your loved one in order to express your love towards them.

Blanket flower

Belonging to the Daisy family the Gaillardia is popularly known as the blanket flower they grow and hot regions and can withstand drought-like conditions the flowers can grow in different colors like Red Brown or Gold these flowers have a short lifespan that may often roll in a funnel shape. You can grow them across two dozen different species discharge blooming in summer and grow through fall.

Musk rose

In India, the blooming season for musk rose is during the month of May when the hot summer sun science bright to its full capacity it is more popular as the Rosa Mouse Tata it is believed that the musk rose what originally grown in the western part of the Western Himalayas the flowers are white in color that grow until late summers stamens of the flower give out a musky scent. The flower Bloom in various colors like purple Brown and dark red


You must have ordered a Red rose online and offered it to someone who is dear to your heart. Roses are a medium of expression of love. For many years people have been offering roses to boost love and romance in their life. Roses are available throughout the entire year, they can grow as trailing, climbing for erect shrubs. The lovely flowers can tempt people towards them but they are protected with sharp prickles hence, one must be careful while touching a rose. You can select from a wide variety of roses available and give a suitable color of rose to your friend for family members.


Bougainvilleas are often grown as ornamental vines that are used to cover fences, pavements, or the walls of houses. These flowers can bloom throughout the year and are pretty to see but the flowers are protected with phones so one must be careful while touching the vines of bougainvillea. They are mostly found in pink, Crimson red, and white color. The Petals are thin and fragile that resemble the tissue that is the reason why these flowers are also known as paper flowers. The plants may grow as a shrub or climbing vine.


Daffodils or the Narcissus are flowering perennials. The flowers are usually yellow, white, pink, or orange in color and have six petals that look like a cup or a trumpet in shape. Daffodils are also famous for their medicinal abilities; they are found useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and are associated with the spring festival in many countries. The lovely daffodils can be offered to indicate new beginnings in life. In China, Daffodils are associated with good fortune and the harbinger of positive news. Daffodils are all about joy and mirth.

Flowers are a lovely creation of God they are so pretty that they grab everybody’s attention they are so full of positivity and sure fullness that they bring a smile to the faces of the people that receive flowers. You can choose a bunch of lovely flowers and make your loved one feel happy through online flower delivery in Gurgaon right at the doorstep.


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