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Banquet Table Layout Essentials & Ideas

If you want to host a party under the sky then you will need the banquet tables. Dinners can be easily arranged by taking the help of these tables. For making the guests like the celebration, party or reception organized by you, these tablets can play an important role. It can be helpful for you to know about the way of laying out these and understanding their importance. For parties and weddings, there are several layout ideas of these. Now I am going to tell you some banquet table layout essentials and ideas.


1.Banquet table types that are most popular

  • Banquet tables that are round – Everyone sitting around these can easily talk to every other person. This makes these very popular. 72” cross and 60” cross are their sizes that are most common. 10 guests can be easily seated around a 72” round table and 8 guests can be seated around a 60” round table.
  • Banquet tables that are straight – For a dinner of a family-style or a formal occasion these can be used. 6 guests can be seated around this of size 60”, 8 guests can be seated around this of size 72” and 10 guests can be seated around this of size 96”.

2.Making decision on the type of banquet tables to be used

  • Size constraints must be considered – It will be best for you to use the round ones if the venue’s maximum capacity has been reached.
  • While selecting these the social aspects must always be considered – It is very easy to talk to everyone while sitting around the round ones but in straight ones you cannot easily talk to every person sitting around. You will mostly talk to the person sitting opposite to you.
  • Whenever you choose these always consider décor in your plan – If you want to use these in a large tent with garlands and flowers in a hanging form then rectangular ones are the best. But if you have just one centrepiece for these then round ones are the best.
  1. What are the ways to find out the right spacing and right-sizing of these – The room’s seating dimensions must be known to you, only then you can understand how many of these can be arranged there easily and with proper utilization of space. There must be a distance of 5 feet between these.
  2. Layout ideas of banquet tables that are unexpected –
  • Sometimes the round ones and the rectangular ones can be mixed – There are many situations when round ones, as well as rectangular ones, are used together and look great. Some guests may like the round ones and some guests may like the rectangular ones. For completely utilizing the space both types can be used in the same room.
  • Several sizes can be mixed – Sometimes the guests can be in a group of 8 or 10. So it is good here to use the large, medium and small tables in the same room. Some visual interest can be added to the occasion by using the tables of different sizes.
  • Using tables of unusual shapes – Sometimes clean-looking and cool square tables can be used. But it can create problems because corners are used by all the diners here. Serpentine tables require a lot of space but they give a very good look. So, if you want to use these then it will be a good idea to use these outdoors where there is no need to think about the space.
  • Configurations that are surprising – If in the centre there is a dance floor then it is not good to use around configuration. Here if you have to search the dance floor’s pathways then crescents should be used.

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