Are Truck Guards Safe For You?

Whenever you make a significant modification to your truck, you want to ensure that it passes the safety test. In other words, does your enhancement make you and your passengers safer than before? Understanding what is a grille guard goes a long way toward answering the safety question. This piece of equipment installs over the front of your vehicle, covering your grill and your front bumper, and quite often it extends out to the headlights.

In addition to giving your ride a new look, a grille guard provides solid protection against the scrapes and dings that increase when riding in a challenging environment. While some riders strap on a grill guard solely for looks, most put it on as an insurance policy against vehicle damage. Whatever your truck model you can find a truck guard that is easy to install and improves the safety of your investment as well as the riders in the vehicle. 

Prevent Unexpected Debris

Any time you leave the pavement, you expose your ride to the dangers of low-hanging tree branches, shrubs, and other vegetation and flying gravel and dirt clumps. A truck guard helps you avoid these pitfalls and keeps your paint job intact. The good news is that you can find a product that works for your make and model and that fits into your budget. You can also look for truck bumper guards with special features: 

  • Auxillary light mounts for increased visibility
  • Integrated front step for easy entry and dismount
  • Padded center pillars for increased protection
  • Skid plate for undercarriage armor
  • Winch mount for added off-road capability

Quality grill guards impart a cool look to any vehicle, and you can choose from finishes that include black powder coat, polished stainless steel, textured black, chrome, brushed, and grey designs. If you have a favorite brand, you can choose from manufacturers such as Aries, Armordillo, Rampage, Go Industries, AutoAnything SELECT, Go Rhino, and more. Prices range from under $100 to nearly a thousand dollars.

Guards Are Intended for Impact

While a quality grille guard provides your vehicle with the ultimate in front-end protection, it is important to understand its capabilities. This add-on will ward off most items you encounter, but you still shouldn’t barrel head-on into a large rock or a sizable tree. That said, the right guard allows you to move obstacles out of the way and clear a path for yourself and others.

With a little technique, you can now go places where others cannot follow. You can also turn your truck into a work vehicle and move things around without straining your back or working up a sweat.

If you are looking for the best grill guard F150, you have solid options. Matching a quality guard for your specific vehicle ensures that installation will be easy and you won’t have to deal with drilling new holes. A customized guard is also more likely to match your OEM look and enhance the overall value of your truck. Shop online now for the best deals and increase your safety at the same time. 

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