Android vs iOS – the debate continues

The debate between Android and iOS is set to continue until only a new operating system has been created. Yet people are still wondering whether or not to go with either Android or iOS.

Apple is marred with the fact that iOS is only exclusive to its devices. With Apple also cutting down features from its devices in terms of both hardware and compatibility, the iPhone is now ostracized as an expensive piece of hardware existing without a reason. 

Multiple perspectives need to be considered when choosing between ios and Android. Consumers can choose either depending on their choice of brand of smartphone. Developers need to check the product discovery document to see what kind of app is needed and whether or not it is needed on either iOS or Android.

The never ending war between Android vs iOS

Android and iOS have their own advantages and disadvantages. At the moment, The former is more popular than the latter thanks to numerous phone manufacturers and brands other than Apple Inc. itself. Everyone knows where iOS is usually present and to begin with, let us explore pros and cons of both operating systems.

Advantages of iOS

Here are the advantages of iOS:

  • A well known OS for the level of security it provides to users.
  • Also renowned for its safety but now Android has caught up.
  • Apple Inc. promises to make no compromises in its devices’ features and has often used top-notch materials. However, it is in decline these days.
  • There was a time when Apple provided seamless software experience, and it still does today as well.
  • Apple Inc. is known to deliver software upgrades to all iOS devices at the same time regardless of how old or new they are. Security patches and OS updates to any iOS device are also easily available.

Disadvantages of iOS

Here are the disadvantages of iOS:

  • It only supports a limited number of apps.
  • The operating system is a closed-source one and developing apps for it as well as integrations may not be easy.
  • This operating system has expensive apps and provides no widget support.
  • iOS only supports Apple devices.

Pros of Android

For numerous reasons, Android these days is becoming more versatile and much better than iOS. Here are the advantages of using Android:

  • Android is an open source operating system. Developers can customize it as per the market’s needs.
  • Android phones are affordable in comparison to Apple’s iPhone. The variety and versatility of Android is high.
  • Android is selected and chosen by many mobile phone producers other than Apple. Its open source nature and ability to add integrations makes it quite versatile.
  • It has one of the largest user bases in the world.

Cons of Android

Now it’s time to see the cons of Android:

  • Users’ ability to utilize smartphones is hampered by numerous personalizations and modifications with Android OS. Only half the amount of Android phone makers offer stock Android OS. This in turn slows down the User Interface (UI).
  • Software updates in Android weren’t once uniform. It depended on which brand of the phone received it first. Though the updates are now uniform in release, the phones having customized Android UIs and OSs get the updates late because of excessive customization.
  • Android phones are secure generally. However, some low end brands using Android are easy to hack hence hurting users’ security.

What more to understand about the debate of Android vs iOS?

It isn’t any surprise that both Android and iOS control more than 70% of the global smartphone operating system market. Experts of mobile app development Dubai explain that Android controls more than 60% of the global smartphone market because not only is it offered on multiple smartphone brands but also has an open source nature helping app developers make versatile apps.

As of January 2021, there were 3 billion active Android phones in comparison to 900 million active iPhones. Android had 72% of the market share and iOS only had 28% of it. Catering to both iOS and Android users is the main aim of most app development companies and agencies. Also, development of apps supported on both Operating Systems has become a much preferred option.

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