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Andre Champagne: 5 Different Flavors 

Andre champagne is one of the most popular choices among US citizens. Its sweet flavor and perfect undertones make it a good choice for all party lovers. Many people use it to create unique cocktails and bring the party to the next level. While drinking this liquor, you feel like you are drinking sophistication from a glass.  

If you are a champagne lover, you will be amazed by what Andre offers. However, Andre champagne comes in various flavors. Below, we will present five flavors of this fantastic liquor. These drinks will leave you speechless and will upgrade any party’s atmosphere.  

1. Andre Blush Champagne  

The name of this cha andre champagne mpagne tells you a lot about its taste. When we think of the pink color, we think of sweetness and femininity; this is what Andre Blush champagne represents. The Californian producer made this flavor by combining some of the highest-quality grapes on the market: Chardonnay, Pina Noir, and Pinot Meunier.  

All the grapes previously mentioned have a sweet hue making this sparkling wine one of the loveliest on the market. You cannot feel the flavor of alcohol; you will only feel this fantastic liquor’s fruity, sweet taste. You can also feel hints of honey, which adds a specific sweetness.  

Andre Champagne California Pink pairs beautifully with charcuterie boards with mild cheeses. This sparkling wine might be your perfect choice if you plan to throw a degustation party or a dinner party with your loved ones. You can also pair it with raspberry juice and create your unique mimosas with less alcohol percentage.  

2. Andre Pineapple Mimosa  

Andre Pineapple Mimosa combines the fruitiest and the most refreshing flavors in one, making it perfect for summer brunches or daytime parties. What better way to relax than with a mimosa by the pool on a hot summer day? Andre wanted to create this atmosphere and put it in a bottle; we can say they have achieved this goal.  

If you like the sweet taste of pineapple, you will love what Andre offers. Imagine eating a sweet, pink pineapple with a glass of your favorite champagne: Andre Pineapple Mimosa perfectly describes this feeling. Although it has more alcohol than the previously mentioned flavor, you still cannot taste the burning liquor.  

With a staggering 10% alcohol, you should consume this champagne responsibly.    

3. Andre Strawberry Moscato  

Moscato grapes have a distinguished, sweet, yet slightly bitter taste. These grapes primarily grow in Italy, originating from Greece. If you want to combine two of the most calming countries into one drink, Moscato wines will be your perfect choice. Andre Strawberry Moscato is almost like drinking a fruity lollipop wine.  

This sparkling wine combines best with slightly spicy foods due to its acidity. Moreover, many people like to drink this wine during parties because you cannot taste the bitter alcohol aroma. Andre Strawberry Moscato is universal; you can drink it on every occasion, and it will still contribute to the atmosphere.  

You can also pair Andre Strawberry Moscato with fruity desserts, such as fruit pies or gelato. The best thing about this wine is that you can drink it as it is or combine it with other beverages to make unique cocktails.  

4. Andre Peach Moscato  

As previously mentioned, Moscato grapes will make every wine sweet and sophisticated. In this case, the Andre winery decided to add a natural peach flavor to its base Moscato wine to create an even sweeter experience. If you love the taste of peaches, you will enjoy the taste of Andre Peach Moscato.  

You can go a step further and add peach juice to make a robust and fruity mimosa you can enjoy by the pool. This wine is summer in a bottle; when you think of the ocean and its distinguished smell, you feel a certain way, the same way you will feel when you drink Andre Peach Moscato.  

If you want to pair this delicious wine with food, we recommend trying spicy Asian cuisine. The spicy and sweet flavors will give you a unique feeling you can only experience by drinking Andre Peach Moscato. You can combine this wine with fruity desserts, such as cheesecake or fruit tarts.  

5. Andre Sweet Fizzy Sangria  

If you want your heart to dance Flamenco and create that explosive Spanish atmosphere, Andre’s sangria-based champagne might be your drink. Since Spanish culture is full of rhythm and dance, you will feel a portion of this culture through Andre Sweet Fizzy Sangria.  

Sangria combines different fruits, predominantly citrus fruits, with alcohol to make a unique-tasting wine. If you have tried Sangria, you can only imagine how a soft, fizzy version tastes. Andre Sweet Fizzy Sangria will make you feel like you are on the Mediterranean coast, sipping wine and sunbathing. Life is good when you drink Sangria.  

If you want to feel like you are on the Spanish coast, you can pair Andre Sweet Fizzy Sangria with a variety of Spanish and Mexican food, such as tapas, tacos, and fajitas. To accentuate the fruity taste, you can drink this liquor with fruity desserts, such as tarts, cheesecakes, and even traditional churros.  


The Andre winery offers a variety of flavors you can choose from; from sweet flavors to the dry feel, Andre has it all. We have presented some unique Andre flavors, but you can find more sophisticated Andre champagnes online. The most important thing is to drink responsibly. 

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