A Medication Guide For Glaucoma Patient

Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide,” according to Mayo Clinic. This condition can steal sight with little to no warning.

But there is hope. Glaucoma treatment drugs can stop sight loss and keep it at bay. Interested? Keep reading.

Under Pressure

Glaucoma is an often genetic condition. Although most glaucoma suffers will get it later in life, young people are not immune. In fact, Glaucoma Research Foundation warns that everyone is at risk.

Further, it tends to be degenerative, meaning it gets worse with time.

It’s important to understand how the degeneration takes place. In a healthy eye, the optic nerve sends messages to your brain to process sights.

Glaucoma causes increased pressure within your eye, called intraocular pressure. That pressure then damages the optic nerve. If the damage proceeds unchecked, it destroys the optic nerve. When the optic nerve can’t send messages to your brain, you suffer permanent vision loss.

This might result in complete blindness.

The Good News

Although glaucoma presents no early symptoms, you can still protect your eyes. Regular eye exams are vital. In fact, opticians check not only vision but also the health of your eyes.

Detecting glaucoma in the early stages will allow you to prevent any vision loss. Your eye doctor St George Utah will determine what glaucoma treatment drugs are best for you and your eyes.

Glaucoma Treatment Drugs

From eye drops to pills to surgery, there are a variety of treatments available. Your doctor will discuss options with you. They will consider the severity of your glaucoma, lifestyle, and other health factors.

So, then you can head out to a local pharmacy and stand in line. Or you can get the same treatments at a lower cost from a trusted online pharmacy. Interested in this simpler route? Learn more.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are a popular treatment option. Oftentimes, they are the most effective with the least side effects. They lower the increased pressure in different ways.

For example, prostaglandin analog eyedrops and rho khinase inhibitors increase the drainage of fluid outflow from the eye. Thus, lowering eye pressure.

But beta-blockers and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors lower fluid production.

While alpha agonists do both. They decrease fluid production and increase fluid drainage.

Of course, treatments vary by patient. You may need other glaucoma treatment drugs along with eyedrops.


When eye drops aren’t enough, your doctor may also prescribe pills. This is a combination treatment.

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are the most prescribed glaucoma medication. These work with eye drops to control eye pressure. As such, they slow the production of fluid.

However, side effects are a consideration. Discuss all medications and health issues with your eye doctor.

The Whole Picture

Whatever glaucoma treatment drugs you’re using, you must follow the directions. Once a doctor determines you have glaucoma, these treatments are all that stands between you and vision loss. To help you keep on top of treatments, consider an online pharmacy for convenience.

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