A Grand Opening Planned By Pivot For Tiny Houses On The Prairie

Five years ago, the program began by buying three tiny houses in Kansas , but today has a grand opening of 20 additional houses of different shapes and colors. The grand opening is held today, Wednesday from about 3 to 7 pm.

During this event, guests could explore the homes, and get more information about Pivot’s services and sponsorship. Local Tiny home interior designers were recruited to help to outfit the homes with furniture and decorations in time for the grand opening.

Pivot Incorporated has 50 years of experience in providing homeless youths with their basic needs like shelter, food, job, therapeutic care, and education. This is the third phase of Pivot’s tiny houses.

The Pivot President and Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Goodrich said “Whether young people are aging out of foster care (at 18) or are not in a stable place to find their own housing, Pivot is here to support them during this time of transition and to help them gain the skills and experience they need to become self-reliant adults.” She added that  “All young people have talents, skills, and dreams, and we collaborate with them to make those dreams a reality.” “And we are grateful that so many people see the value in this project and the impact it can have on the young people and our community as a whole”.

The grand opening for the 20 new homes as part of a Universal Development Enterprise was made possible through a Federal Housing Trust Fund Grant from Oklahoma Housing & Finance Authority. Most of the little houses in this phase were designed by architecture students from Oklahoma State University.

In 2018, it opened in a new neighborhood that reaches the hillside of its northern parameter. The Impact Oklahoma grant constructed the first three houses. While by the next year, another three tiny homes were built by Smith & Pickel at its own expense. It included a turf-covered structure bearing resemblance to a home from “The Hobbit.”

Pivot’s senior director of external affairs, Chandy Rice said each tiny house is a bit different because they didn’t want it to feel like government housing.

Rice added that they have been lucky to have donations and grants to get the places built, but there will also be costs associated with their upkeep. 

Rice said occupants in the 26-home neighborhood have free meals daily and laundry services until the new building is completed. She also added that donations also will help pay for 24-hour security.

However, a local couple Gary and Diane Rumsey financed a new laundry facility and staff office space for the new housing area.

The buildings range between 280 and 320 square feet, they differ in size and shape. Each house has a two-burner induction unit, that needs special pans, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. Some beds are placed in the living room while others are in tiny nooks.

Donations can be in form of sponsorships of new tiny houses or provisions of beds, park benches, microwaves, or anything useful to youths too. Read more stories on


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