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9 Famous And Easy Recipes for Egypt Food

Famous And Easy Recipes for Egypt Food

Here on ventsabout, we will tell you 9 famous and easy recipes for Egyptian food. As you know Egypt is popular for two reasons one is their pyramid and the other is they have the best quality of food. It is also  Egypt is famous for the original ingredients they use, everything is made from organic. Eggplant is mostly eaten by them and known very famous.

You know we can’t every time we want Egyptian food so we provide you with some famous and easy recipes, so you can cook at home.

So following are the 9 famous and easy recipes to cook Egyptian food.

Here are the famous and easy recipes for Egypt Food

  1. Falafel
  2. Kebab
  3. Labneh
  4. Shawarma
  5. Baba Ganoush
  6. Fatteh
  7. Feteer
  8. Koshari
  9. Hawawshi


Falafel is a very famous dish in Egyptians. They eat Falafel usually for breakfast. Basically, Falafel is a vegetarian dish.

Falafel is made from green ingredients like herbs. Two types of Falafel are made one from chickpeas and the other from fava beans. All ingredients are smashed then make them small balls and then fried them.


Kebab is a very famous food, we can say a street food popular around the world. Egyptian kebabs are the best kebab in the world.

Basically, it is a combination of meat and some cutter tomatoes, with a little cabbage. Which is wrapped in a Bun.

You have to take some meat, tomatoes, cucumber and some other vegetables. Kebab is the best thing we had ever eaten.


Labneh is taken as breakfast by the people of Egypt. Because it is very light healthy and yummy to eat. Labneh is basically an allrounder food we can have this with any of your food. It is felt like cheese, appearance is like yogurt. Taste like sour some sweet.


After Turkish shawarma, Egyptian have world-famous shawarma too. There are some pieces of meat in the bread. The meat of chicken, mutton, and beef are used for filling.

It is easy health and less time taking appetite, you can have this at any time if you are hungry.

Baba Ganoush

Have you ever listened about eggplants?

Yes, you are thinking right. A famous Egyptian dish named Baba Ganoush is made from eggplants.

So for making Baba Ganoush you need eggplant, some garlic, oil, and lemon.

Baba Ganoush is made at high temperature, more high temperature is more it cooked well and delicious.


Fatteh is the Egyptian famous traditional soup, which they made on large-scale celebrations.

This traditional soup includes some meat, garlic, and little vinegar. Usually, people of Egypt eat it with bread and crackers.


Feteer is a dish made on most special events in Egyptian homes served to guests after dinner as sweet. It is the most delicious.

For making Feteer you need chocolate, some cheese, and some coconut if you want to.


The most famous cuisine of Egypt is Koshari also known as the national dish of Egypt. This is like a paste you can say. It includes some rice, pasta, vegetable, Ketchup, and lentils.

This tastes the same as pasta but doubles it with some tangy and delicious ingredients.


Have you ever eaten apple pies?

If yes then you can easily guess what Hawawshi is. So it is a bread which includes some meat as a filling pepper and onions. Looks so delicious when you see it. It is also very spicy but you can control the spicy according to your tastes.

Hawawshi is very spicy and warmed when you eat if you eat from Egyptian people.



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