8 Best Internet Browsers for Android Users in 2022

Your internet Android device comes with a preinstalled default browser app, but it doesn’t necessarily always provide the smoothest browsing experience. The use of a browser is inevitably important at the end of the day, to download anything, search for information, or collect data. Make sure the browser on your Android device should be able to help you do all of that.

The Google Play Store is home to several third-party browser apps with incredible features and excellent performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your browsing experience, here are the 8 best browser apps you can download on your Android device for the ultimate browsing experience.

Firefox Browser

Firefox is an ideal choice for those who want a secure and incredibly fast browsing experience. It’s a super customizable browser that lets you sync your browser history, passwords, and bookmarks across all your device with a single Firefox account. If you do the majority of the work on your desktop, Firefox can display the entire browsing data on your phone too. Isn’t it great?

You can customize Firefox with different extensions and themes and tweak almost everything in the browser. This is a great feature to have when you are very particular about every aspect of the browser – from the color to the tabs. Moreover, Firefox is a great choice for security-conscious internet users as it offers tracking protection and private browsing.

Brave Browser

Brave offers a default ad-free browsing experience to its users as it was one of the very first browsers that came with a mobile ad blocker. This browser offers a ton of nice touches and basic features like securing HTTPS connections, blocking JavaScript, browser fingerprinting and blocking cookies. Although there’s not a lot of customization that you can do on Brave, it lets you group tabs and set preferred search engines on private or standard tabs. It also syncs your data and Brave Rewards across all devices.

Opera Browser

Opera is also another browser that delivers a flawless browsing experience for users of both versions, desktop, and mobile. It’s one of the few browsers, which features a data saver mode that manages to compress web pages and videos. As a result, video and web page loading time plus mobile data is automatically reduced. It also offers a free built-in VPN that protects your data and communications and blocks web trackers as well! It’s one of the fastest browsers on the list alongside Chrome. Plus it offers Opera Mini and Opera Touch as variants of its browser for an expanded browsing experience.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The sleek and minimalistic browsers are the best pick for AT&T home internet users who value privacy. It comes with privacy features that include encrypted connections and private searching plus a button that will wipe out all your browsing history and tabs on the browser with a single click. The ad-blocking capability of the browser is also what makes DuckDuckGo a top privacy-minded browser.


Created by the team behind Opera, Vivaldi is a desktop browser that offers incredible customization options and unique features. The easy-to-use and minimalistic main view of Vivaldi’s Speed Dial acts as a quick launcher for bookmarks and the translation tool can translate web pages into 108 languages. You can also use the QR code reader to visit websites without downloading a separate barcode-reading app and play fun 2D shooting games as well! There’s also a fun text Notes tab and Clone tab option.

Vivaldi is praised for its quick performance and compelling feature set.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is a fast and reliable browser app that allows you to browse with customizable settings, voice and gesture control, and a personalized home screen. You can easily share media files from the browser to your social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. The UI is simple and user-friendly which enables smooth and quick browsing!

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge allows you to customize the look and feel of the browser plus sync up with your Microsoft account for easy access. The browser offers great extension support like password managers, ad blocker, translation tools, voice search, price checkers, and NewsGuard. Apart from a customizable interface and an excellent feature set, it also offers tracking prevention services and private browsing.

Maxthon Android Internet Web Browse

With Maxthon, you can browse faster with reduced battery consumption and CPU resource utilization. Maxthon is loosely based on Internet Explorer’s engine so you are going to have it quite easy when you’re aware of Explorer’s layout.

To Wrap It Up

If you’re looking for the best web browsers to download on your Android device, make your pick from the top 8 on this list and you won’t regret it! Download these with the fastest internet speeds delivered by Mediacom packages now.

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