7 astrological benefits of Gomed Stone

Hessonite or Gomed stone is chemically known as a member of calcium aluminum silicate family. It is characterized by honey-like hue. The stone is known as Hessonite in English. The name hessonite is derived from the Greek word ‘Hesson’ that stands for ‘inferior’. This stone is ruled by Rahu planet which is known as a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. 

Hessonite is a tough substance and measures 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. This gemstone is liked because it can nullify the bad effects of Rahu planet. The honey-like hue of the Gomed is the characteristic that work against Rahu’s effects. Thus, all negative energies are expelled from the aura and the wearer feels confident and driven towards completing the endeavors.

The Hessonite stone can protect the wearer in various ways. Listed here are the top Gomed Stone benefits that one can derive from wearing this magical gemstone.

a. No effect of black magic or negative influences: Hessonite is a great absorber of negative energy. The wearer feels stronger and unaffected by the negative influences of any kind. As a result, the user improves his performance in various fields and emerge winner. 

b. Unaffected by enemies: Hessonite gemstone makes the wearer invincible. The hurdles created by the enemies are all won over easily by the user. If the stone is worn as per the astrologer advice, it yields the best results. One must get the birth chart checked to understand how enemies can be overcome and accordingly wear the hessonite after activating it through a simple process.

c. Wins competitions: Gomed stone maximizes the positive traits of the wearer. Thus, the wearers are able to come out of the competitions with flying colors. They score well in exams and other competitions where their abilities are put to tough test.

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d. Earns for the wearer five fruits of life: The five fruits of life are Dharma (living as per norms), Kama (bodily pleasures), Dhyana (mental robustness through meditation), Artha (money), and Moksha (Salvation). All these benefits of life are delivered to the user when he wears the gomed stone as a solution to the problems.

e. Improves financial status: Whenever going through tough times financially, the wearer gets respite from wearing Hessonite. This stone bails the user out of difficult situation. Also, the stone works great when you want to improve your financial status or have ambitious projects to complete.

f. Brings more happiness in marriage: In married life, couples want love and happiness. If the situation does not go in their favor, they seek solutions. Astrologer advice is also taken. By learning how to wear gomed stone from an astrologer, the wearers bring better harmony and peace in life. Love life of the couples is improved too.

g. Improves mental health: Gomed or Gomedhikam stone(as known in Sanskrit) is an effective driver of happiness. This stone works well for the mental peace and improves decision-making power. Its effects are well-seen in the way the wearers conduct themselves. They become more confident, and experience flow of positive thoughts in their systems. 

Some health benefits also delivered by Gomed

Gomed traps positive energy and delivers a few health benefits to the wearer too. A few of the ailments which can be cured by using the Gomedhikam stone are:

a. Epilepsy
b. Eye & sinus infections
c. Arrhythmia
d. Allergies
e. Piles

The stone is also helpful in keeping the gastric and respiratory system in good shape. The healing powers of this gemstone are used for treating diseases such as varicose veins, leprosy, intestinal ailments like colitis, episodes of fatigue and confusion, and a few others.

How to wear Gomed for best benefits

Gemstones are to be activated and treated with positive energy boosters to achieve the best results. The same is true for Gomed as well. To get the best benefits, here are a few tips to consider:

a. Select the stone that has nil inclusions and deep honey color. This is beneficial for pacifying Rahu planet as per astrology.

b. The stone has to weigh one-tenth of the body weight. It means a 55kg person has to wear at least 5.5 carats of gomed stone to get the best benefits.

c. Gomed should be worn in silver ring, and in few extra ordinary situations, gold and platinum metals are also favorable.

d. It should be worn in the middle finger of the working hand. Preferrable hand is right one besides few exceptions.

e. Gomed gives best results when worn on Saturday morning between 5 and 7 am.

f. To activate gomed, place it in a bowl and add to it Gangajal, basil leaves (tulsi), cow milk unboiled and little honey. This treatment makes the stone quite effective. Some astrologers suggest chanting Om Rang Rahave Namaha or “ॐ रां राहवे नमः” 108 times to pacify the Rahu.

To sum up

Gomed is a semi-precious stone with magical qualities. It brings positive effects to the wearer who are looking for solutions to improve health, wealth and relationship statuses in life. This gemstone should be worn as per the astrologer advice and should be selected according to the body weight for the best results.

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