6 Hues to Add to Your Autumn Wardrobe and Ignite a Spark

Colors have the power to reflect the change in the season. Some shades are best for winters while others deserve a place in the summer wardrobe. What about autumn? Have you ever done autumn wardrobe shopping?

Autumn doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to fashionwear. If you would like to shop for autumn and make it bright, there are actually loads of colors you can infuse into the boring autumn wardrobe. Let’s check them out:

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1: Burgundy

Burgundy is one of the best colors to complement your skin. It can be worn by people with warm to dark complexions. It’s also one of the most versatile colors. It can match men’s winter wardrobe consisting of, grey, black, navy, and other earthy tones.

Instead of wearing khaki pants, you may switch to burgundy chinos. This color will set you apart from the beige trousers that you normally wear. These chinos can be worn with dark plaid flannel shirts, topped with a wool overcoat and a pair of brown suede boots.

2: Camel

Nothing can top the power of a camel overcoat. Feel free to toss it over a luxury huddle or front-row formal wear.

You can also pair your camel coat with earthy tones. It is a legit look for autumn and it’s one of the easiest looks to pull off.

3: Khaki Green

If you want me to name one color that would never go out of style when it comes to autumn wardrobe, which is Khaki green. It’s perfect for those who are a huge fan of all-back everything. Call it an alternative to monochrome. This military-inspired color looks wonderful in a bomber jacket, which strikes a balance between a street and a rugged look.

For a macho-like vibe, wear a denim shirt and twill chinos. Top it off with rugged leather boots. to create a more modernized look, khaki green tailored sweatpants with a longline shirt and classic vans trainers would do the trick.

3: Mustard

Ahh, my all-time favorite. Canary yellow doesn’t usually have a place in the autumn palette but mustard does. It is a perfect color to add color to your cold winter looks.

A cool idea would be to wear a mustard t-shirt, top it off with a black leather jacket, wear black jeans and white sneakers. Black will neutralize everything.

You can also wear a thin jumper or a cardigan. For a more professional look, wear a blazer to add life to your workwear.

4: All Shades of Orange

Shades of orange are another color often seen in fall and winter collections. From tangerine to coral, this hue looks great in garments and accessories. And it looks great in combination with cream, white and black.

Consider an orange flannel shirt your autumn arsenal. Wear it on its own or keep it open over a white tee. If you don’t have to maintain professional looks, pick plaids to add a touch of ruggedness to your daily looks.

For some people, especially men, orange can be a bit difficult to wear. Why not blend with neutral hues such as navy? Orange pairs well with selvedge denim.

5: Purple and Mauve

Purple is a great color investment for the season of autumn and fall. Purple and dark mauve create an awesome combination with dark blue or lilac accessories such as hats, scarves, and handbags. You may decide to go bold by wearing a purple cardigan. Not every man can pull it off but if you can, then go for it. This color can also be worn with light blue denim.

6: Pink Pearl

Pale pink or some may call it power pink is the color associated with romance, tenderness, and sensitivity.

Some people think pink for girls only but it’s not. For females, it could definitely add a feminine flair and elegance to the outfit. Men can pair with other colors with pink pearl to remove the feminine vibes. The colors include dark green, burgundy, white, and even black.

How to Wear Them?

Now you must be wondering where do you begin with this color palette and add it to your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Ideally, you must have a capsule wardrobe as a starting point for easy dressing. Choose a few colors initially. Slowly infuse colors through gloves, hats, scarves, and similar other accessories. I like wearing one or two neutral and combine them with a splash of one bright color.

A great place for building the basics for your autumn wardrobe is by wearing a good quality jacket. It could be classic or slightly oversized (whatever your preference is). A good quality jacket in an autumn color will make for a statement piece.

Summing Up

Mix and match these gorgeous shades so come up with a style that fits your personality. The best thing about this stunning array of autumn colors is that you can also infuse them into your summer wardrobe. Wear them on your own or pair them with other colors, any way would work!


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