6 Handy Excel Tips

Nearly 750 million people worldwide use Microsoft Excel. Some experts believe it is the most valuable of all Microsoft’s products.

Excel can be extremely helpful if you know how to use it. Do you struggle using Excel? Looking for ways to make the program easier for you?

Keep reading for some Excel tips and tricks to make your work easier.

1. Open Excel Files in Bulk

You don’t have to open each file one at a time when you have multiple files you need. You can open them all at once with just one click!

First, select the files you want to open. Press the Enter key on your keyboard, and they will open at the same time.

If you don’t have Excel and need to open or edit, you can use C# Excel Library in various programs for a quick update.

2. Use PivotTables

PivotTables may sound scary, but you can use them to total, average, sort, and count data in one large spreadsheet, and then display it in a new table. You can cut them however you want. For example, you can look at data like sales figures for only certain marketing channels, countries, or product lines.

3. Shift Between Different Excel Files

Have multiple spreadsheets open? It can be annoying to shift back and forth. You don’t want to mix up the data when you are in the wrong spreadsheet.

An Excel quick tip—use “Ctrl + Tab” to shift between files. This also works on other Windows tabs when you are in Firefox.

4. Add Multiple Rows

Need to add multiple rows? You can find all kinds of Excel formatting tips, and the popular shortcut is “Ctrl Shift +” instead of right-clicking. However, right-clicking on the row numbers, which are on the left side, is actually easier. Select as many rows or even columns you want to add and then right-click to add.

5. Use Filters on Data

If you have large amounts of data in a spreadsheet, you may not need to read every single row or column. You may only want certain data that fits your criteria. This is where filters come in handy.

Filters let you pare down to look at only certain rows at a time. You can add a filter to each column, and then choose the cells you want to view.

Click the Data tab and then select “Filter.” Click on the arrow next to the headers, and then you can choose how you want your data organized—for example descending or ascending. You can also select specific rows to show.

6. Paste Special

Adding (or copying) data from one cell and putting it into another cell is a very common activity in Excel. You can also add more than you want to add like formulas, values, and formatting. You may not want the same formatting.

Copy the cell (Ctrl C) and then “Alt E S V”. It is easier than it sounds.

You can also transpose and flip rows and columns around. Use the shortcut “Alt E S E”.

Use These Microsoft Excel Tips Today

There are a lot of ways to work in Excel and sort your data. With some practice and using Excel tips, you realize how useful Excel can be. If you want more Excel tips for beginners, you can find a whole library online.

Keep perusing our site and you can find more tips on using your computer and life in general.


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