5 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

According to Inc Magazine, 30% of marketing companies are now turning to video to increase market share for their customers.

Video marketing is the next wave of digital marketing for social media. It overlaps with content marketing but is taking the place, rapidly, of other types of online content, such as blogs, Instagram stories, Facebook Posts, etc. Below are 5 reasons video marketing is here to stay.

Read on to learn the basics of a video marketing business and how to harness the power of videos to increase sales.

1. Videos Have an Impact

Did you know that the majority of people, 75% according to one article, never leave the first page of their Google search? Social media video marketing sets you apart from your competitors by helping you to rank higher in online searches.

2. Knowledge is Power

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then videos are worth 10,000. A strong, short video can help your clients better understand your products. Videos allow you to show, without telling, potential customers the benefits of your products. You can also easily show how you can solve customer problems. Videos, the right ones, are engaging and will keep your clients engaged through your entire message.

3. Use the Words of Your Loyal Customers

The best story comes from your best customers. A customer video testimonial is an easy way to convert interest to sales. With Modern cell phones, this is an easy and simple task. Just ask your customers to record a video testimonial.

The benefit of these types of videos is that they don’t have to be perfect. Just check out any TikTok video. Quality doesn’t matter, they can be shaky, grainy, or just plain, but if the content is powerful, people watch.

Customers can authentically explain why your brand is the best, why they trust your products, and why your products solve a need in their daily lives.

4. Build Stronger Brand Affiliation and Connection

The more senses that are involved in an experience, the more the experience stickers with you. This is just how the brain works. For digital marketing, a picture is a must, because words alone are not powerful enough.

With video, you get sound and visual stimulation, along with powerful content. Now you have a tool that you can use to create a stronger connection to your customers.

5. Using a Video Marketing Business Speeds up Your Results

If you are a small business, you know outsourcing certain tasks can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. They have a team that can help with creating a compelling story, a high-quality video, and help you track the results. Check out to learn more.

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