5 Ways to Inspire Your Students This School Year

With a new school year starting, now is the time to develop strategies to inspire your students. 

Not all kids love to learn, and all kids struggle from time to time. If you develop these strong tips at the start, you can inspire your students this school year to come to you for help and enjoy their learning experience.

Get fun and creative 

First of all, you should create an inviting atmosphere in your classroom. You won’t accomplish that with blank walls. Kids associate “blank” with “boring.” Instead, spruce up your classroom with lots of fun colors and decorations, like a colorful science banner

Dressing your classroom up will make it an inviting environment where your students will group learning and fun into one place. 

Be encouraging 

Being encouraging is a no-brainer. Remind your students that you believe in them and that they’re all capable. Be upbeat about their skills and your own, and give plenty of positive feedback for things they do well. 

Sometimes kids need an extra push to realize they have what it takes, and when you are there every step of the way, it helps them to practice seeing the potential in themselves. 

Get them involved

Make your classroom feel like a family, and give everyone something to do. Work with your student’s strengths so they feel seen for their unique talents. 

This practice helps facilitate confidence. Students can pursue things they know they are good at while having the opportunity to learn and practice things with which they struggle.

You can do this by incorporating games and group work into lessons. This not only provides fun but also teaches that everyone has different strengths and the potential to grow. 

Develop relationships 

It’s important to remember that as a parent, teacher, or guardian, it’s your responsibility to help develop a healthy relationship with learning and with your students. 

Students are often afraid to come forward when they don’t understand something. They will be reluctant to attempt homework assignments and might be disengaged because they feel there’s no point. Establishing a sturdy relationship where they know they can come to you for help should be at the forefront of your teaching philosophy.


Communication is another top way to inspire your students to succeed. While you should remind them that you believe in them and will watch out for them, encouraging student communication about their needs is crucial. 

That’s why speaking with the student and their parents is a great way to discuss concerns. Together you can help map out a plan for future guided success by addressing their additional needs and helping each other. 

Before you go 

These are just a few ideas to inspire your students for this exciting school year ahead. Teachers can motivate all of their students, though not always in the same way. 

Remember to see the value in every student. Everyone has unique strengths that we should celebrate, and as a teacher, you can help them start paving their way to greatness.

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