5 Tips For Parents If They Suspect Their Child Has ADHD

The rise in cases of ADHD among young children has risen noticeably in recent years. There are many contributing factors, but what do you do as a parent if you suspect your child may have this condition? Gather the evidence, speak to the experts, and wait for the results. Thankfully, ADHD is manageable and there are a number of useful tools out there to support and guide anyone facing this journey. 

Remember, ADHD Is Highly Genetic

Parents often don’t realise that Attention Deficit Disorder is genetic. This means, if you are noticing the signs in your child, then it is time to take a look in the mirror as well. Remember that it is harder to spot and diagnose for women, especially those of adult age but the signs are all there if you know what you’re looking for. 

Understand the Differences Between Girls and Boys

Just like it is more common for this condition to be misdiagnosed in women, young girls, and teens also face the same challenges. The research has developed, as with lots of neurodivergent narratives in the last decade, but there is still a lag. Girls, unlike boys, are not classically disruptive or hyperactive. These two symptoms were the main way of diagnosing male children, but the differences are being highlighted more and more between the genders. For girls, the signs are daydreaming, forgetfulness, clumsiness, classic social struggles, and lots of fidgeting. For boys, it is largely characterised by never sitting still, talking a lot, being loud, disrupting class and conversations, and struggling with listening or following instructions. It is possible to see a crossover, so watch out for both. 

Get an Assessment ASAP

If you have collected evidence and done self-led research, it is probably time to pursue an official ADHD assessment for child. Getting a private ADHD assessment child appointment is the best way forward as it will yield faster results and a more concentrated approach with a follow-up care plan in most cases. Sometimes, for ADHD children, getting a diagnosis is like a breath of fresh air and it can help you shape life in a way that works for your family armed with the correct facts and strategies. 

Talk to School

It is useful to have a written account from a class teacher for the assessment, and also post-diagnosis. Given that children spend so much of their day in the classroom, the coping strategies and toolkit need to be a collaborative effort between both parents and educators in order to protect the well-being of the young person in question. 

Have an Outlet For Them and You

ADHD is led by impulse and creativity. People who have this condition need stimulation, and there is no getting around this fact. Make sure that you have an outlet because the parenting journey is an intense one, and that your child has enough to keep their active brains positively engaged. 

ADHD is something that must be embraced wholeheartedly. Though there are struggles, there are also an equal if not greater number of strengths to draw from as well. Every symptom has a strategy to match it. 


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