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5 Rewarding Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Most dog owners see their fur-buddy as part of the family. If a family member were bored and lonely during the day, you’d make a plan to change that. If a dog is left alone all day, every day, they get lonely and bored too.

Now, with daily pet care, no dog needs to suffer this way. If your dog has become quiet and subdued, or anxious and bent on destroying things, doggy daycare may be the answer. Here are five reasons to consider enrolling your dog.

1. No More Lonely Dogs

Dogs are social creatures who need company. When they are left alone at home for days on end, they might spend hours looking out for you at the door or window. A bored dog will start to feel anxious. Anxiety is the main trigger of destructive behavior.

At doggy daycare, your dog gets to play with other dogs, as well as hang out with the daycare workers. An added bonus to being at daycare is that your dog will come home with extra obedience skills. He’ll learn more commands simply by being at dog care.

2. Daily Dog Exercise

Laying around all day is bad for a dog’s health. Being stuck inside isn’t good for your furry friend either. A lonely, under-exercised, dog may use up energy by digging up the yard or chewing on things they’re not meant to.

It’s a fact, dogs need exercise.

At doggy daycare, there are endless opportunities for fun workouts. Staff take the dogs for walks and play with them. The dogs run around and play with each other at playtime.

3. Pet Care Includes Grooming

Save yourself a trip to the dog groomer and let your furry friend get her nails and hair trimmed while at daycare. Most doggy daycare facilities such as Happy Paws Grooming & Daycare offer grooming as part of the service. Many daycare centers will include their grooming service in the daycare cost.

4. Dogs Love a Switch of Scene

Doggy daycare offers a feast of new smells, sounds, and sights for your dog. We take our dogs for walks so that they can ‘read’ the local news with their noses. Doggy daycare is no different. All his senses will be stimulated as he sniffs his way around new trees, other dogs, and staff members. Discovery is a great activity for dogs.

5. Peace of Mind for You

Knowing your fur buddy is being well cared for while you’re at work is priceless. Instead of moping around at home, he is playing with other dogs, getting loads of exercise, being loved, and showered with attention. Knowing how much fun your dog is having will set your heart at ease, and give you peace of mind.

Picking A Doggy Daycare to Suit Your Dog

Sending your dog to doggy daycare will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your dog. Choosing the right doggy daycare will reduce your dog’s anxiety, get him exercising, and broaden his social circle. He’ll also have a familiar place to go for dog boarding if you need to travel.

If you’ve enjoyed these thoughts on doggy daycare, click on the pet care tab for more easy-to-follow pet care tips and advice.


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