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5 Common Challenges of Call Center Service and How to Overcome Them

Every business or organization has to deal with various customer-related challenges daily. Responding to such issues on time and satisfactorily determines vital aspects of growth and customer loyalty. If you make it easy for customers to find solutions and meet their needs, you attract more of them in the long run. 

One way to ensure you respond timely to customer issues is to understand challenges likely to arise. In doing so, you reduce the chances of problems recurring and affecting how you deal with customers. This article explains the five most common challenges in call center service and possible strategies for overcoming them.

Here Are 5 Most Common Challenges on Your Call Center and How To Fix Them 

Arguably, understanding the most common challenges in your call center is the first step to building and keeping long-term customer loyalty. Irrespective of the type of business or organization your run, here are the 5 most common challenges:

  1. Upset Customers 

Customers often want their issues resolved immediately and without following long procedures. However, in some cases, some problems may be complex and require time to fix. In such situations, customers will likely be upset. Some might even go to the extent of leaving negative reviews. 

There are instances when complex and upsetting situations arise. As a response, it is great for your agents or everyone else providing inbound call center services to handle the situation professionally. The immediate thing to do is to listen to the customer and respond with empathy. It is also good to make them understand the situation and what you intend to do to resolve the issue. 

If it takes unusually long to respond, resolve the problem, apologize to the customer and let them know that you are helping them. For cases where the problem lies with your business, encourage agents to take responsibility and be accountable.

  1. Inability To Handle Multiple Customers at Once 

It is common to have situations where multiple customers need help at once. Without a great team of call center agents to respond to such issues at once, things can blow up. You need to find a way to ensure that your call center can handle peak situations. Here are suggestions: 

  • Prioritize tasks and solve them in order.
  • Track every inquiry and close it on time.
  • Set reminders of pending tasks.
  • Train agents on multitasking.
  • Make use of automated call assistants.
  • Plan hours to work and respond to customers.

As a precaution, avoid providing one response to all customer inquiries. Your customers expect personalized services for their problems. So, no matter how many clients you have, ensure you treat each customer as a case and strive to meet their needs. 

  1. Failing To Provide Satisfactory Answers To Customers 

Every customer that spares their time to seek your help expects to get solutions to their problems. Note, however, that there might be cases where your customer support agents may be unable to respond appropriately and satisfy your customers. To avoid such issues and manage the needs of your customers, you can do the following:

  • Pay attention to each customer
  • Be consistent in responding to customers 
  • Follow up and check customer feedback
  • Seek to understand customer needs
  • Foster true loyalty
  • Be emphatic and honest in your interaction

As part of your initiatives to ensure that you meet customers’ needs, you should create a page for customers to leave feedback. Allow them to air any concerns revolving around customer services. Find ways of resolving any issues that they raise on your feedback page. 

  1. Inability To Deal with a Crisis on Time 

Having a crisis or a severe emergency that lasts longer than expected is another great challenge. You will encounter a sharp rise in inquiries since every customer wants to understand the issue. Handling such situations is never easy, and customers will likely overwhelm your call center.

At times of crisis, apologize to customers and update them regularly. You can send them messages every 30 mins or 1 hour to reduce curiosity and several calls coming to your support center. You also need to put in place measures that help you plan for a crisis. Sending early warnings will solve the problem if you anticipate a crisis. 

It is also a good practice to update your customers after successfully managing a crisis. Explain the issue and, if possible, assure them that you will avoid future inconvenience. Let them know and trust your process. Frequent crises can easily lead to customers leaving your products or services. 

  1. Responding To Requests for Discounts 

Depending on the products or services that you deal in, you will face customers asking for discounts. You have the freedom to respond to such requests the way you want. Your response will, however, have an impact on your customers. Turning away multiple requests for discounts can reduce your sales volumes significantly. 

The best way to handle requests for discounts is, to be honest and give hope of lower prices to your customers. Tell them your company’s position and encourage your agents to be polite when handling such questions. 

You should also share information regarding other offers or benefits your company provides to customers. Discounts are not the only goodies for them. So, share such information and create a page on your website for offers and any discounts you may have at any time. It reduces the pressure and questions in your call center. 


There you go! Managing a call center is never an easy task. Challenges will arise, and you need to deal with them without irritating or losing your customers. Integration of call center management technologies with agent services can help overcome issues. Prepare your call center team for the toughest questions and crises. 

You have learned the most common challenges in call center service. Most importantly, you have found helpful tips on how to solve issues. Build a great customer service support team, use modern technologies and always strive to meet customers’ needs. That is the secret to building lasting loyalty. All the best! 

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