4 tips to Protect Your Company from Ransomware

Ransomware (a combination of the words ransom and malware) is a sort of software that prevents users from gaining access to their computers. Targeted individuals can only regain access after paying a ransom, which is usually done within a 24-48-hour time frame. 

Ransomware threats have been around since the late 1980s, when payment was made by mail. Cybercriminals nowadays frequently expect to be paid in cryptocurrencies or with a credit card for the ransom.

Ransomware, a type of virus, is growing increasingly popular as a target for businesses. Cybercriminals use ransomware to lock your computer or mobile device, steal your data, and demand payment of a “ransom” ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. 

Ransomware infects corporate networks and servers, as well as individual laptops and desktops, causing vital data and information to be lost. Businesses should use the standard instructions to avoid ransomware attacks:

1. Train your employees

Employees can operate as a first line of defense against internet dangers, actively assisting in the prevention of malware infiltration. Employee knowledge regarding warning signals, safe practices, and responses, combined with a good security program, can help much in preventing.

 Workshops must be conducted regularly. The need for strong passwords and why they should be updated on a frequent basis should be discussed. 

2. Email links should be avoided

It’s advised not to click links in an email or pop-up message unless you’re sure it’s authentic. Regardless of who sent the email, be wary about opening any attachments or downloading any items from it. These files may include viruses or other software that compromises the security of your computer.

Hold your mouse over the link if it appears to be real (without clicking it). The correct URL will appear in a tiny window. If the URL displayed as the link text differs from the one presented as the link text, you may be directed to a potentially dangerous website.

3. Ensure that privileged accounts are only used when necessary

To reduce your network’s vulnerability to malware, limit users’ access to install and operate software programs on network devices.

4. Back up data

One of the most successful tactics against attacks is to back up data on an external drive or in the cloud. It doesn’t stop the attack from happening in the first place, but it does mean that files can be recovered without paying the ransom. 

Scans the backups after wiping the infected system to verify they aren’t infected as well, because some ransomware is designed to seek for network shares.  A multi-solution strategy is more successful than a single-solution approach, which may create gaps. 

Microsoft 365 is an excellent security solution that partners can provide to organizations. It combines a variety of security measures into a one package, ensuring that businesses have the most up-to-date security available.  

What is the impact of ransomware for businesses?

Cybercriminals prefer to target government organizations and corporations because they associate them with large payoffs due to the severity of a potential data breach which may cost a company millions of euros.

It would be a mistake to believe that small businesses are safe; they are often the first to be attacked since many owners believe that “it won’t happen to them,” therefore they don’t take the necessary security precautions like Cytelligence

Businesses must protect themselves from ransomware. Customers will be furious if their data is leaked online or if their transactions are delayed because the business system is down. Customers may easily migrate elsewhere, causing the company’s reputation to suffer.


You can protect your small business from cyber dangers by instructing your employees, shoring up your IT security, and purchasing the appropriate insurance coverage.

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