4 Interesting Raid: Shadow Legends Champions

In a lot of Raid Shadow Legends tier lists and Champion discussions, Raid players always prioritize stats and skills—and that’s totally understandable! It’s a game where you have to survive against the forces of a dark lord, after all. But this time, we’d like to shine a light on some of the most interesting Champion designs and lore in the game. They’re so interesting, that you’d probably want to find a Raid Shadow Legends account for sale just to get some of them.

So how many Raid Shadow Legends Champions are there now? Believe it or not, there are currently over 700 Champions to collect! Sifting through these amazing Champions won’t be an easy feat, but we’ll try! Here are four interesting Raid: Shadow Legends Champions in terms of design and lore.

Sir Nicholas

You better be nice or this Santa will easily throw hands at anyone who’s being naughty! Sir Nicholas is a Champion in The Sacred Order faction, with the Void affinity, and with the HP role. He’s essentially Raid’s version of Santa but as a mighty warrior.

According to his lore, the world of Teleria has always talked about the mysterious warrior up north who has existed for thousands of years (beyond counting, even). When he first stepped into the world, it was still young and full of dangerous beings. He fought back against monsters and even protected the early humans from Ice Giants. Eventually, he settled in the tundra in Telerian North, where he remained to be a protector. If you were good, he’d send his blessings. If you were bad? You best hope you can withstand the cold!

Rotos the Lost Groom and Siphi the Lost Bride

This entry is a 2-for-1 since it feels wrong to separate these two. Rotos is under the Magic affinity and has the Attack role. Meanwhile, Siphi has Void as her affinity and has the Support role. The two are part of the Undead Hordes faction.

From their design, title, and garb, you can immediately tell that they’re spirits in anguish. Their tragic love story started when Rotos left his home for a life of piracy. His noble family incurred a lot of debts that left him no choice. While at sea, he met an enslaved Siphi, who killed her enslavers before him. This impressed Rotos, and he ended up helping free her. After some time together, the two decided to have their wedding in Rotos’ hometown.

Unfortunately, the debt collector had always resented what Rotos and his family did, so he crashed their wedding and killed the newlyweds. Due to the cruelty on their wedding day, the spirits of the newlyweds continued to exist to enact punishment for those who wronged them. As far as Raid Shadow Legends Champions go, their story is one of the most tragic!

Harvest Jack

We’re changing the mood from heartbreak to spooky with this next Champion! Harvest Jack is part of the Undead Hordes and has the Spirit affinity and HP role. He’s a malevolent being who terrorizes his victims to feed off their fear. He plays tricks, spooks people for fun, and sometimes escalates things into slaughter. Better hope he won’t randomly show up at a harvest festival or autumn fair near you!

What we love about his design is his extra spooky pumpkin head. He’s got multiple eyes, a green ominous aura, and a wide mouth full of fangs!

How’s that for interesting? We’ll feature more Raid Shadow Legends Characters next time but for now, check out some Raid Shadow Legends account for sale at U7BUY.com.


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